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Podcast: Raw Enters 2020 As The C Show

  • Sparti Love

    I agree but to be fair, how many shows, movies or even other sports can maintain 3hrs of entertainment, let alone every week, including 5+ hrs of other wrestling shows they have. I understand they get a boatload of money to have the extra hour but its been killing the show for the years. No amount of talent, storylines and matches can help it every single week.

  • Wicka Steve

    They could do a proper three hour show, they’re just too lazy. Instead of having more characters and more storylines, they use the same exact number of people and just make the matches too long. They do zero writing for anything other than their top two, maybe three angles. In a three hour show, they can’t find a spot for Sarah Logan or Titus Young? I’m not saying junk up the show with ALL of the undercard people, but if we NEVER see them on Raw, then they don’t matter when they DO appear on Raw.

  • Sparti Love

    Raw will continue to be the C show until it’s reduced to 2hrs

  • Dirt McGirt

    I give this Raw a B because it’s better than average. Granted, what they have been giving us is the drizzling sh*ts, so that’s not saying much. Owens still wastes my time. I don’t like him and I doubt I ever will. Rollins wasn’t in every other segments, so that was good. The Murphy/Black match was really good, but I wish they would have let Murphy win this one. Rowan needs to be put in a storyline against someone, because these squash matches are going nowhere because it’s been like over a month and we still have no idea what’s in the cage. charlotte is the worst thing ever, so the sooner she and Andrade get married and leave WWE so I don’t have to see them anymore, the better. Lawler really needs to go, I kept waiting for him to use the term “boy” during the OC/Profits match. Profits should not be beating the OC since we still don’t have a proper finish to the OC/Raiders feud, unless the Profits are going to be in there to eat the pin to allow the OC to get the titles back in a triple threat. McIntyre continues to be totally wasted. This guy has been back on the main roster for almost two years and STILL hasn’t been in a real feud. Why is Rey getting a rematch when we were told rematches were done? The Orton segment was great, but went on too long. Andrade is too ugly to be a draw. They need to give up on him. He’s nothing more than rehash of Del Rio minus the money. I liked the wedding segment, but it went too long. The announcers didn’t even mention that it was Liv Morgan, so that was stupid of them. They should have had Liv and Lana kiss and then have Lana attack her in the middle of the kiss or have Liv kiss Lana after knocking her out at the end of the show. Either way, we need to have lesbian Liv making out with girls, regardless of whether the other woman is a lesbian, just like when Mickie James used to do it.