Police Spotted At Amber Heard’s House In Spain

Controversial actress Amber Heard has been settling well into her new life in Madrid, Spain, after the settlement of the defamation lawsuit between her and her former husband Johnny Depp. After the verdict last June, where the Jury mostly sided with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Heard initially wanted to appeal for a retrial.



However, in December last year, they both settled, although she did have to pay almost a million more as a settlement fee to Depp. Allegedly the DC star couldn’t wait to leave the United States and start over with a fresh life in a new country as the trial had been hard on her.

Cops rushed to Amber Heard’s house

And she was seen enjoying her life there recently as she posed for photos for the paparazzi many times. However, a troubling new update came from a local news outlet that claimed that even after crossing oceans and continents, trouble might be right on her door again as cops were seen visiting her house recently.

Amber Heard had seemingly been thriving in her new life in Madrid, the last couple of days seemed anything but. According to a local news outlet, Blast, the actress was visited by the national police recently.

However, no confirmation or information about what the visit was about have yet been disclosed. It seems it did not have much effect on her.

She was allegedly seen leaving her house shortly with an older man and going about her day and even smiling for the paparazzi as soon as she spotted them. It is not known whether something serious is indeed going on with no official statements given, according to the news outlet, she looked quite concerned before she covered it up with a smile.

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