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Possible reason for WWE booking Kofi Kingston vs Brock Lesnar for Smackdown’s debut on Fox

WWE has many things planned for Smackdown Live’s move to Fox and they are trying to make the debut episode on Fox as memorable as possible.

Fans were shocked when Brock Lesnar came out on this week’s Smackdown Live and challenged Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title. The match will be taking place on the October 4th edition of Smackdown Live which is Smackdown Live’s debut on Fox.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Fox wants Smackdown Live to feel like a legitimate sport. Thus it “makes all the sense in the world” that they would have Lesnar win the WWE title during the debut episode.

It was also reported that “Fox will get Lesnar since there is no Rousey now.”

We will keep you updated regarding Smackdown Live’s debut on Fox when we get to know more.

  • David Wells

    Actually, I probably haven’t watched a full episode in like 3 years! But now with Lesnar and Cole on it I won’t watch it anytime soon!

  • Soulshroude

    Wait, you still watch it? I haven’t watched it in months.

  • Soulshroude

    Since when did actual professional wrestling become a legitimate sport?

  • oppa

    Watch all of the people complaining about Kofi being champ start complaining when they realize that the WWE title won’t get defended until Mania now.

  • Unos #1Fan

    At this point, anyone but Kofi please. The whole underdog schtick got stale

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Let me guess we will see Seth vs Brock for the title again seth will lose at hell in cell and brock will beat Kofi. Over it

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    They probably want to build Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens for the WWE title at WM 36.

  • David Wells

    Well it’s official I won’t be watching SmackDown, with both Lesnar and Cole on it!

  • Reality check

    Agreed And have Been hearing this for about a year now. I fully expect Lesnar to take that strap and hold on to it for a good while, maybe into WM.

  • CC

    Haven’t we been told from the off they want Lesnar?
    FOX wants the biggest names on SmackDown. It has been said a million times, and Lesnar was one of those names they wanted from day one.