Possible reason why Andrade kept US Title after wellness policy suspension

WWE United States Champion Andrade failed the WWE Wellness Policy test. So he will be suspended for 30 days. He was written off of WWE television on RAW this week, but he is still the champion.



On  Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided an explanation as to why he is still champion. He said that due to his suspension, Andrade was written as being injured after Humberto Carrillo hit him with a DDT on the concrete floor. This decision was made by Paul Heyman in order to keep the title on Andrade.

Usually, those in his situation would be stripped of the title. However, as Heyman is currently very high on him and feels that it is too early to put the title on Carrillo, Andrade kept the title. He said it was too early in the feud to switch the titles.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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