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Possible reason why Sami Zayn has not made in-ring return

Sami Zayn manages Shinsuke Nakamura on Friday Night Smackdown. It seems there is a reason why he has not been competing in the ring for quite some time now.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sami Zayn has not been actively competing owing to his injury. It seems his shoulder has been giving him issues again.

Zayn is still bothered by his shoulder problems which is one of the key reasons he wrestles so little and is mostly in a manager role.

Zayn last competed on January 19th at a WWE house show in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He teamed up with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura in a losing effort against Braun Strowman & The New Day. Zayn had double shoulder surgery in 2018, so we can hope he will be making a full recovery soon enough.

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