Randy Orton Drops Bray Wyatt Bombshell

WWE star Randy Orton has been involved in a cinematic rivalry with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss. The Viper recently reflected on the concept of cinematic matches that he was part of. Another Bray Wyatt update was also posted on FightfulSelect.com.



FightfulSelect.com reports that despite Billi Bhatti’s claims on Vince Russo’s RussosBrand.com podcast and The Dirty Sheets Patreon, Bray Wyatt wants to return to WWE Raw and any ‘mental health’ rumors are incorrect. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp appeared to call Bhatti a bad source for news.

Randy Orton opened up on cinematic matches

Orton recently made an appearance on The Kurt Angle Show and Conrad Thompson asked the 14-time world champion about his take on the cinematic matches, and who really wrote Bray Wyatt’s first Firefly Funhouse match.

The cinematic matches have gained quite a lot of popularity and Orton reckoned that he would have not been able to deliver the work in those matches. Ric Flair Accused Of ‘Racism’ By African American

He said:

“If you would ask me that same question a year or two ago, I would have sh** all over the whole cinematic matches thing.”

The Viper recalled the Firefly Fun House match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt  and praised both the stars for pulling off  a unique match.

“I remember, I guess, ‘Mania 36, watching Cena versus Bray – I thought that was brilliant,” Orton added. “I don’t know if this has come out in an interview or anything, but I think Bruce Prichard and John Cena were up at the warehouse in Connecticut and they were walking around just trying to think of how they were going to do this and how they were going to make it different.”

Orton went on to laud Cena and Wyatt for their performance in the cinematic match and said the bout was ‘awesome’.

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