Randy Orton Suffered Sad Meltdown At Airport

WWE star Randy Orton and several others were shocked to hear the tragic death of late WWE star Chris Benoit. 15 long years have passed since Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son before committing suicide in a tragedy that shook the pro-wrestling fraternity to its core. A lot has been said about Benoit’s heinous actions over the years.  The June 25, 2007, episode of RAW was dedicated to Benoit. The following day, it became apparent that the former World Heavyweight Champion had killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel before committing suicide.



Here’s how Randy Orton reacted to the news

Former WWE star Rory McAllister was on the same plane as Randy Orton a day after the RAW tribute episode aired. On the “Cheap Heat Productions Podcast,” the former Highlanders member recalled how Orton reacted when the circumstances surrounding Benoit’s death came to light:

“Randy goes for coffee and he comes walking back and every screen in the center of the hub of the airport, ‘Murder suicide, murder suicide.’ Dude, Randy just lost his s**t. He literally just lost his s**t and f**king ran out the airport. He was home anyway,” said McAllister.

Rory McAllister stayed at the arena to watch RAW with several others, including Triple H, The Undertaker, and his tag team partner Robbie McAllister. While watching the show, he speculated to Robbie that Benoit may have been responsible for Daniel and Nancy’s deaths:

“They had been recording people all day to do the soundbites and whatnot.” McAllister continued, “It was f**king rough. I don’t know what it was and I didn’t wanna think about it at all, I looked at Robbie and I’m like, ‘What if we’re doing a podcast for a guy who just killed his f**king family?’ I didn’t wanna think that, but how could you not? He’s like, ‘Shut the f**k up, don’t even say that.’”

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