Randy Savage Had Plan To Wrestle Shane McMahon

On the latest edition of ‘Something to Wrestle With’, WWE Executive Producer of Raw and Smackdown Bruce Prichard discussed how he and former WWE Champion, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage would train Shane McMahon after his father Vince didn’t want him to wrestle in the ring. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Prichard’s following comments.



Prichard: We had strict instructions, Randy Savage and I did, that under no circumstances were we to let Shane McMahon get in the ring and take bumps or anything like that. Once the ring crew got there, they would get there early, set up the ring, we would go work out and would then come back.

Shane would so badly want to get in the ring that Savage agreed – ‘Yeah brother, I can teach you a thing or two.’ I was the tackling dummy and emphasis on the word ‘dummy’ because I’m the first one to lock up with Shane, get in the ring with him and take some of those tackles. It was a lot of fun but Shane wanted so badly to know everything and be apart as much as he possibly could.

During this same edition of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed creating the idea of Shane McMahon becoming the owner, in storyline, of WCW. The Executive Producer of RAW and Smackdown said:

“Well, I think when you look at storylines and hostile takeovers with family members a lot of times, it happens every day in big business. So, the idea was to have one of [Vince’s] family members go down and scoop it out from under him. The logical person at that point was Shane because we had the match coming up with Vince and Shane at WrestleMania, so it was able to heed into that storyline, and later on, Stephanie with ECW and the whole kids vs. the dad scenario that came from that. Shane was a strong character, and there was back in the crazy days of what if we bought WCW and ran it as a complete separate entity and had two separate companies? The two didn’t cooperate – you go run our business, we’ll go run our business. Just those kind of scenarios took us back to Shane being the one to buy it out from Vince.”

Wrestling-Edge transcribed the first half of this story while 411Mania transcribed the second half.

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