Rapper Says He Rejected Diddy Because He…

Jelly Roll recently revealed on the “Cancelled with Tana Mongeau” podcast that he passed on the opportunity to meet Diddy months earlier due to a gut feeling that the vibes weren’t right.



During the podcast, when asked if there were any celebrities he didn’t get along with or felt had negative energy, Jelly Roll opened up about his decision, despite acknowledging that his story might stir up trouble.

He recounted how he initially agreed to the meeting with Diddy and was on his way down the hallway when he suddenly had a change of heart and decided to turn back to his car.

Jelly Roll attempted to lighten the situation with a joke about not wanting to meet “the guy that got 2Pac killed,” but the joke fell flat, adding to his discomfort.

Despite trying to brush it off, Jelly Roll admitted that it was rare for him to feel uneasy about situations, and he ultimately decided, “I don’t even know if that’s a picture I want.”

Interestingly, just the following month, Diddy’s ex, Cassie, filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of rape and human trafficking. Diddy settled the lawsuit with her just a day later.

Given Diddy’s current involvement in a series of sexual assault and sex trafficking allegations, including federal investigations and raids on his properties, Jelly Roll’s decision to trust his instincts seems to have been well-founded.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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