RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne vs. R-Truth vs. Alex Riley vs. The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio



We go to the ring and out comes Alberto Del Rio to kick off the next match as ladders are set up everywhere. Kofi Kingston is out next followed by Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne. Bourne grabs a ladder and brings it to the ring with him. R-Truth is out next, still with no music. Actually all of the Superstars in the ring have grabbed ladders before the match starts. Alex Riley is out next and he also grabs a ladder. Out next comes The Miz followed by Rey Mysterio for his first ever MITB match. The bell rings and everyone unloads on Del Rio with their ladders, sending him to the floor. Everyone dumps their ladders onto Del Rio now. Mysterio gets tossed out onto the pile of ladders. Riley dumps Swagger to the floor and knocks him back down with a ladder. Truth and Miz are the ones left in the ring. They clash with ladders until Swagger comes in and runs them down with a bigger ladder. Swagger, Kofi and Bourne go at it now. Truth comes in but gets taken out. Rey leaps off a ladder and takes Swagger to the floor with a head scissors. Kofi sends Bourne to the floor but Truth takes him out. Riley comes in and drops Truth over the ladder between his legs. Lots more back and forth action. Truth runs, leaps over the ropes and lands on bodies on the floor. Rey and Kofi both go to the top and both leap down to the group on the floor at the same time. Bourne climbs a ladder that’s set up on the floor and hits Air Bourne onto the group of people.

Bourne climbs for the briefcase but The Miz stops him. Del Rio pushes over the ladder and Miz lands bad on his knee. Miz starts screaming in pain. He rolls to the floor and trainers check on him. You can see that Miz’s knee is injured. Del Rio and Mysterio go at it now. Del Rio climbs the ladder but Truth stops him.

We see officials helping Miz off to the back. Lots more action on the ladders but Swagger is left standing. Kofi leaps over Swagger and lands on the ladder. Kofi goes for the briefcase. Swagger applies the ankle lock while Kofi is still on the ladder. Riley climbs and goes at it with Swagger. Truth pushes the ladder over and both men go down. Truth sets the ladder up in the corner but Rey attacks. Rey gets wedged between a ladder and the turnbuckles. Truth dropkicks the ladder into his ribs. Truth gets dropped on the ladder face first. Kofi stops Rey and climbs up top. Kofi leaps from the top rope to a ladder and then onto Truth with the Boom Drop. Kofi fights Riley off and goes for the ladder but gets kicked to the mat by Rey. Swagger rams Rey with a ladder. Truth comes back into play and kicks the ladder into Swagger’s face. Truth is leaning over, allowing Rey to hit him with 619. Riley and Rey fight up high on the ladder. Bourne and Swagger bring ladders in. Del Rio dropkicks Swagger back to the floor. Bourne and Del Rio climb up onto ladders with Rey and Riley. Swagger comes back in and pulls Del Rio off. Now all 8 Superstars are up high on top of ladders going at it. The briefcase just sways back and forth between hands. Del Rio gets knocked off into a ladder face first. Swagger then gets knocked off. Riley pushes Bourne’s ladder down and he lands outside of the ring on the floor. Riley gets knocked off next. Truth goes next and then Rey. Kofi is left up top with the briefcase. Swagger runs up another ladder and stops him. The ladder tumbles and both go down. The Miz comes limping down to the ring and hobbles up a ladder. Rey pulls him by his injured leg and slams it into a ladder. Rey powerbombs Miz from the ladder to the mat. Del Rio tries to stop Rey from climbing but gets knocked to the mat as the fans boo. Del Rio runs up the ladder again and goes at it with Rey. Del Rio pushes Rey off the ladder but he lands on another ladder. All of the ladders tumble after Del Rio takes off Rey’s mask. Del Rio stands up a ladder and climbs for the briefcase, winning the match and a shot at the WWE Title.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

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