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Raw ratings sink further after historic low

While this week’s episode of Raw had some notable moments and segments like the final segment involving Brothers of Destruction and DX, the show’s ratings still sunk further.

Last week’s episode of the event had drawn the worst rating in the show’s history with an average of 2.35 million viewers and this week’s Raw went even further.

The Show with the final buildup before the Super Show Down event from Australia drew 2.302 million viewer, which is now the new record for the lowest viewership of the Red Branded show.

According to ShowBuzz Daily, the first hour of Raw drew 2,500 million viewers, the second hour drew 2,325 million viewers and the third hour did 2,081 million viewers.

With these new record lows, the big question is if the company will make changes to their programming and how long will it take before we have a Raw hour with less than 2 million viewers?

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    WWE is not worried about the ratings they are building up for there two PPV overseas and the women PPV. HHH vs Undertaker 1 more time will be an awesome match. Plus the triple threat for the WWE Universal Championship is going to sell itself.

  • Wicka Steve

    The problem is that WWE creates these “untouchables” like Rock and Cena who beat everyone on the roster and then when they leave, no one on the roster has any credibility because they’ve never beaten a big name. Cena needs to lose to more than just Styles. Cena should lose clean to Rusev , Samoa Joe, Rollins, and Ambrose. Before Triple H hung it up, there were no less than a dozen guys on the roster he should have lost clean to. Rock is in the position, too. Regardless of who he is, if he comes back, he should not win. In 2018, Rock should not win another match unless it’s part of a multi-month program. And even then, in the final match, he should take no more than 35% of the match and get beaten clean. When you get to this point in your career, you should basically be jobbed out to make the new guys look good.

  • Dirt McGirt

    This is what happens when you refuse to do the right thing and stop this reigns crap. All the work that WWE did to climb out of the hole that was ’96, right down the toilet. We are back to the Mabel vs Diesel days, everyone. Thank Vince and his boy reigns.

  • Omar

    This is perfect. Its great that the “simple solution” of bringing the old guys is not working. WWE needs to do better programing and stop relying on sensational stopgap measures.