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Kevin Nash says no one cares about younger wrestlers

A lot of people think that WWE has failed to build new stars and this is why they have to rely on older stars to promote their shows, and Kevin Nash is one of the people who believes the same.

Nash was recently interviewed by Sporting News where he talked about a number of wrestling-related topics, including the upcoming WWE Super Show Down event this weekend and more.

While talking about the Undertaker facing Triple H instead of a younger wrestler, Kevin made a bold claim, saying that no one cares about the young wrestlers:

“No one cares about the young guys. When I watched Summerslam that (Undertaker and Tripe H) package caught my eye and made me want to see that match. I don’t know if I want to see Roman Reigns versus Undertaker again. What more of a rub can you give than that? He’s [been] given rubs before, and they just aren’t getting over.”

Apart from this, Kevin Nash also talked about how newer wrestlers will not have longer careers like the Undertaker because of their wrestling style and more.

  • James Youngblood

    Actually, yes I do believe that guys like Cody and the Young Bucks can fill those arenas, and before anyone thinks I am some young kid, I have been watching wrestling for over 40 years. I remember watching the AWA and NWA on Tv. I was a huge fan of guys like Chief Jay Strongbow and the Youngbloods (for obvious reasons).

    True fans of wrestling are wanting something that is more than the predictable drama that is seen on WWE. Vince himself has said repeatedly that WWE is Sports entertainment, not wrestling. You look at these new companies like ROH and AEW and what they present is great rivalries, an simple storyline to go with them, and great matches (AEW hasn’t had an official match yet, but consider All-In as part of it and you get my point).
    People do like the new guys, and yes, they can carry a show. The problem is WWE, you are right there. They give us ridiculous acts like Brezango and think this is what fans want because it’s “entertaining”, when in fact we want to see guys like Elias, Bobby Roode. You bring in guys like Bobby Lashley, yet you do everything to make him looks like an idiot. Why?
    The reason why new acts can’t get over with the crowd is because of things like how they have done Lashley (and yes, I know he’s not new or young, but their treatment of him is exactly what they do to most of their new guys). Look at teams like the Ascension. As much as I couldn’t stand the guy, look how they did Kevin Owens. Yeah sure, gave him a title on his first match up on the main roster, but look at what he did after that: continual feuds with Sammi Zayne and Chris Jericho. Yes there were one or two others, but let’s be honest, that was a major talent that people loved watching, we just got tired of seeing him fight with the same two or three guys over and over.
    You mention Roman. Hey, how many time have we seen Reigns vs Lesnar? See what I’m saying? Back in the day, two guys would fight each other, then move on to a new rival after the big match. Yeah, Flair and Sting kept coming back to fight each other, but they also would team up with each other in between those matches. It wasn’t the same thing over and over and over again. The Road Warriors vs the Brain Busters led to the Road Warriors vs. the Steiners, then the Road Warriors vs the Sky Scrapers, etc…. quit rolling out the same stuff over and over.
    AEW will have to do some of that to begin with until their roster gets bigger. The deal is, people want to see new faces. We want to see the new talent. What we don’t want to see is the same guys fighting each other every single pay per view.

  • Rinn13

    All In was a major achievement. But could they fill a 20,000 seat arena? 30,000? 50,000? 80,000?

    Probably not even 20,000. It proves there is a loyal hardcore indie fanbase. It doesn’t prove that young wrestlers today have the marquee value to really SELL OUT huge arenas, to “put butts in seats” on a major scale, long term. Who does ROH have right now, or Impact, that you could honestly name a MAJOR star? A star that transcends hardcore fans, and would draw in OUTSIDE non-fans? Hogan was that. Macho Man was that. Bret Hart to some extent was that. Stone Cold and The Rock were that. Cena, even though they pushed him FAR too much, was that. For a little bit, Punk and Bryan were that.

    Who is that now? Roman Reigns? Not even close. Yeah, they’ve put him in the main event an unprecedented (and gross) FOUR Wrestlemanias is a row. A feat not even Hogan, or Austin, or Rock, or HHH, or Cena managed. But that doesn’t make him a big star, it just means WWE WANTS him very badly to be, even though most fans disagree. AJ Styles is close, but he’s not a major, transcendent star. Rollins? Strowman? There are no MAJOR stars anymore.

    Nash may be a lot of things, but he’s not really wrong on this. And it’s 100% WWE’s fault.

  • Whistling Joe

    It was a lot of things. You need to read the book The Death of WCW.

  • Steven Stevens

    I agree with him, I don’t care. Younger fans will just call me a troll even though there are hundreds of reasons that are obvious as to why he’s right. Millenials will hide behind political correctness to avoid debating at all costs.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Oh stop it guys like Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall who never wanted to put over young talent the reason why WCW die. I was one of WCW biggest fan they had one of the best young talent only 1 got push that was Bill Goldberg.

  • James Youngblood

    Uhm…. Let’s see, dare we mention All In??? Uhm… longevity??? Really??? Dare I mention the Hardy’s??? Nash is an idiot. And for the genius who said Nash wasn’t responsible for the death of WCW, he’s the moron who talked the board into hiring Russo!!!

  • Whistling Joe

    Nash didn’t kill WCW. There were A LOT of things that went into the demise of WCW. First off, Turner was the only person at Time Warner that even wanted it. Once AOL and Time Warner merged, Turner was forced out. On top of that, Bischoff was burned out of ideas, Russo had no filter, talent had guaranteed money, regardless of whether they performed. Yes, the Finger Poke of Doom contributed, but WCW was already past being able to be saved by that point. Let’s not forget that the MAIN EVENT of one episode of Thunder was the Texas Hangmen vs Villano 4 and 5. That happened. They had a character named MVP, most violent player. They had Mike Awesome be a chubby chaser. The true end though was when AOL Time Warner refused to give Bischoff air time. Bischoff was going to buy the company, he had the backers and the money, but without TV, they company was worth nothing beyond the value of the tape library. That’s what killed WCW.

  • Rinn13

    He’s not wrong. On a MAINSTREAM level, they have not built any big stars that matter in years. The last two they did so with, and dropped the ball on both, were Punk and Bryan. They TRY shoving Reigns down our throats, but most people aren’t buying.

    Why do you think they kept the title on that bum Lesnar so long? Why do you think they keep bringing guys like Jericho and others back? Why do you think the rumor is Rock is going to main event WM next year? If people care about WWE’s young guys so much, why do you need a Rock or a Lesnar or a HHH, etc., to carry them?

    He’s talking about stars that REALLY draw money. Not just wrestlers who have a following.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I not going to listen to a guy that kill WCW.

  • Soulshroude

    He is right in a way. If the WWE doesn’t have faith in the younger talent to promote them for shows like that, and need to bring in older talent they can actually trust and rely on… the WWE is failing it’s wrestlers in developement and performance.

  • CC

    Christ he does talk some rubbish. No one cares about the young guys is a ridiculous thing to say. Both in and out of WWE there are guys that have so much fan support that they can draw. Booking though is where things fall apart.

    Just because he is stuck in the past and cannot get past nostalgia matches, does not mean everyone is this way.
    And then the comment about longevity of career. Yes higher risk stuff and heavier impact stuff will potentially shorten careers, but this is nothing new. There are guys from Takers era who had to retire early too, and that is not even mentioning the ones who are not even alive anymore.
    Hell, look at the injuries he suffered in his career, and he did not even have a very impactful or high risk style.