Reason behind Stone Cold Steve Austin’s upcoming Raw appearance

We noted before how WWE announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be making an appearance at the upcoming WWE Raw episode from Madison Square Garden on September 9th.



At the time, it was speculated that WWE could have added the Hall Of Famer because of slow ticket sales and now a new report has confirmed this news.

According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, Steve Austin being booked for the MSD show is just a case of needing a special attraction to move tickets because the show is only half sold out.

Johnson also reports that the SmackDown episode which will be taking place from the historic arena the night after Raw is also doing poor in terms of tickets and the episode is “a little bit less than half sold out”.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Undertaker is scheduled to make an appearance at the September 10th episode of SmackDown Live and it’s speculated that he can set up an angle for appearance at the SmackDown 20th anniversary show during his return.

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