Reason for Big Show’s New Look, Backstage News on Vince McMahon and More

– Big Show’s new look was done to make him look slimmer and more athletic in the ring.



– In another interesting chapter on WWE’s backstage frustration, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Chairman Vince McMahon has been described as “on edge” and “unhappy with the product now.”

The lack of depth at the main-event, as proven by how limited WWE’s roster became once names like Edge and Batista went down to injury, is said to really frustrate and worry Vince McMahon. At the same time, roster members have criticized WWE officials (a group that includes McMahon) for not working to elevate talent–names like MVP and Jack Swagger, who have been highly praised in recent months, have been firmly established as midcarders on RAW.

Most within the company, however, do not purely blame creative for not giving opportunities to rising stars. Rather, they also believe developmental is doing a worse job of producing ready-for-primetime talent. The success in recruiting top-level athletes has also declined lately.

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