Reason why Kid Rock didn’t appear at WrestleMania

As seen on Sunday Night during WrestleMania, WWE dedicated a segment of the show to the newest inductees of the Hall Of Fame all belonging to the class of 2018.



During the segment, the headliner of the Class Goldberg and other inductees of 2018 appeared on the WrestleMania stage and received applauds from the crowd.

However, a name which was notably missing from the segment was Kid Rock who was also inducted into the WWE HOF 2 nights earlier in the celebrity wing.

Now Pwinsider has revealed that the reason Rock did not appear on the show was because he is hosting Kid Rock ‘s 9th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise 2018 which is set to make sail on Tuesday.

Thus he had to depart earlier and couldn’t stay in the town till Sunday. The site also notes that the cruise was planned in advance and Kid Rock was never slated to appear on the Show Of Shows in the first place.

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