Reason why Hulk Hogan was in Miami revealed

Hulk Hogan was reported to have been spotted in Miami earlier yesterday and his presence started the rumors that he can appear at the episode of Monday Night Raw.



However, these speculations didn’t turn out to be true and many fans were left wondering about the reason behind his presence in the city, especially because Hulk himself had also teased an appearance on the Red Branded Show.

Revealing what he doing there, Hogan noted on Twitter that he was in town to film a new music video with French DJ Cedric Gervais, meaning that he wasn’t called by WWE.

Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the Hall Of Fame on the day of the Extreme Rules PPV and the former World Champion had also addressed the locker room on the day, apologizing for his actions.

However, he has not made any public WWE appearances since then and his last appearance for the company remains to be WrestleMania 31 where he had reformed the nWo to support Sting in his match against Triple H.

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