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Reby Sky goes off on TNA on Twitter

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  • Charlie Lopez

    She got that Latina Heat.

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  • CC

    Matt leaves a gracious comment because he has grown up and he knows you don’t burn bridges, even if you have been screwed over. He made mistakes in the past and learned from them.
    His wife though, right or wrong, is just ranting like a child.
    I don’t even know half of what she is going on about anyway, but it all just comes across as a pathetic response, that will win her no fans.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    In her own way? I see her point. going in with promises… coming out with heat and bureaucratic bull. Happens all the time. If they don’t like you leaving, you will get sh*t career wise for it. That’s the way corporate rules.

  • Aaron

    She’s trash, but let’s be honest…..most women are.

  • Killswitch

    What a psycho. What is she even ranting on about? I’m guessing it was just a dispute over the terms of what they offered the Hardys, but Matt didn’t fly off the handle…