Recap of Steve Austin on Sky Sports Soccer AM

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Stone Cold made an appearance on Sky Sport’s Soccer AM Friday morning. He was there to promote his new movie, which seems to follow the same lines as his last film. He spoke about the differences in fighting in the ring and fighting infront of the camera, and mentions how he accidentally broke a fellow actors nose in a fight scene.

Footage of his stunners on Vince and Trump at Mania 23 was shown, Stone Cold said Vince isn’t the most graceful person in the ring and that Vince doesn’t take a good stunner.

One of the presenters, Helen Chamberlain, mentioned the Hell In The Cell PPV tomorrow night, Austin hyped the event but said he wouldn’t be able to watch it because he’d be busy promoting the movie. He then inaccurately says he’s never been in a Hell In A Cell match, by my count he’s been in 3 but I may be wrong.

When asked about his final match with the Rock at Mania 19, Austin mentioned how close he was with the Rock. Jokingly Austin said he was tougher than The Rock and a better actor than him.

Later in the show, as with all first time guest, Austin was asked to pick a name from a hat,that consisted of all the football teams in the Britain which would then be his team to support. Austin picked out Bolton Wanderers, a Premier League side which, funnily enough, are probably the most phsycally tough side in the Premier League.

Austin seemed to enjoy himself on the show and was well liked by the presenters and other guests.

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