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Report: Matt Hardy could be looking at legal battle with TNA over ‘Broken’ gimmick

Matt hardy

  • CC

    A contract is a contract, and it would be pretty easy to just sit down and read whether TNA only owned the rights while under contract to TNA or forever.
    Very quick case I am sure.

    Fact is though, how would it even benefit TNA stopping him using the gimmick? And could they stop it anyway?
    When a company creates and gimmick and files a trademark on the name, they own it. Did TNA do that?
    WWE owned the name Eugene, but Dinsmore continued to use the gimmick just under the name U-Gene.
    Similar with the Hurricane as well, where Helms cant use the name but still uses the gimmick from time to time.

    If The Hardys did take the gimmick to WWE, its not going to suddenly make any promotion more successful, but it could damn sure hurt TNA by not re-signing them, so the problem here is not where they take the gimmick, its that the morons in TNA did not fight hard enough to keep it.

  • D2K


  • Brad Grillakis

    This should be an easy case though. Pull out Matt contract. Above is just speculation BUT I read awhile ago that Matt does have creative control over his character in TNA. If he has control, one would believe this case should not take long at all.

  • D2K

    Every company is going to claim ownership of anything of substance once a talent leaves. It doesn’t mean they own a damned thing and if it goes to court I would expect Matt to win. This company knows who to use litigation to their advantage. As long as this is tied up in courts, Matt won’t be able to use the gimmick in any other federation.

    However, this is petty because he can just go back to being Matt Hardy V.1 in WWE WHEN they come back and once his legal issues are taken care he can go back to being ‘broken’ Matt Hardy later on. It would be pretty easy to make the transition too. Just let Bray get a hold of him.

  • BleepBleepBeep

    TNA is a crappy company, and Anthem is going to try to clinch everything they think they own. If the debacle with Corgan taught us anything, Dixie probably told Anthem all wrestlers signed over their gimmicks, characters and 10 year non-compete clauses.