Report on WWE’s long-term plans for Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has had an unfortunate series of injuries that have kept him from action time and again. However, the Samoan Submission Machine has more than one field of expertise and that helps him stay on TV.



Joe has been appearing on RAW as a commentator as a replacement for Jerry “The King” Lawler. But as it turns out, this seems to be what the company has in stores for him for the longer-run as well.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has decided that Joe will be the permanent replacement for Lawler on RAW. The report also states that when/if Joe is cleared for action, the company can shoot angles for him to wrestle in while also making it possible for him to commentate.

This puts Joe in a very unique and profitable position in the company. Let us hope that the Samoan Submission Machine gets back in the ring in no time.


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