Rey Mysterio Daughter Returns To WWE

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio are the newest tag team champions to grace the blue brand that is WWE SmackDown. This has been a very long time coming and the emotion that was felt from this was almost as heavy as when Rey won the World Heavyweight Championship some year’s ago for the first time…WrestleMania Backlash Major Title Change Leaks.



We also want to welcome back Rey Mysterio’s daughter who celebrated with her mother over the victory for her father and her brother. You can view the video that’s attached below to shed a tear or two with them.

Dominick Mysterio was hurt before the match, after Ziggler and Roode turned over a sofa on him, so Rey is going out alone. He fought for a good while on his own, constantly moments away from losing the match. Eventually, a hurt Dominick Mysterio came down to the ring.

Dominick Mysterio pins Bobby Roode.

The match itself was fine, but it saw a lot of Rey doing the bulk of the work and we didn’t really see too much of his son. Regardless, it’s a really cool moment to see the first father/son tag team championship team in WWE as a pass of the torch in ways. That’s a very memorable moment.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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