Rhea Ripley Reveals Sad Problem With Boyfriend

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are part of The Judgement Day. They have showcased a romantic angle and drawn attention with their antics. On Thanksgiving, Ripley and Dominik confronted the legendary star, Rey Mysterio and his family. The confrontation ended with Mysterio getting brutally assaulted by his son. Dominik’s antics come after an extended feud between the Mysterios and Judgment Day, which eventually led to Dom turning on his father and joining the villainous faction. Rey also eventually moved to SmackDown.



This time around, the duo tried to pull off another invasion on Christmas Eve, but Rey wasn’t having any of it this time around. He had a great plan to outsmart them. Rey Mysterio called the police on his son, which led to his arrest. A video of Dominik’s arrest was then shared on WWE’s Twitter. Ripley also ended up getting slapped by Rey Mysterio’s wife. Dominik was eventually escorted away in handcuffs as Ripley protested vehemently.

Rhea Ripley reacts

Following the incident, Rhea Ripley took to Twitter soon after and shared a three-word reaction to Dominik’s arrest. While, people are eager to celebrate Christmas, ‘The Eradicator’ is seemingly furious.

Here is what she wrote:

“Christmas is cancelled…”

Check out the video clip and Ripley’s reaction below:

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