Ric Flair Humiliates WWE Hall of Famer’s Wife

WWE Hall Of Famer The ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair has been regarded as one of the greatest pro wrestlers to have ever laced up a pair of boots in the world of professional wrestling. He is also a man full of controversies and has had trouble with a lot of pro wrestlers and pro wrestling personalities. One of them includes WWE legend, Teddy Long. Bret Hart also previously called out Ric Flair for ‘flat out lie.’



One of the previous episodes of Vice’s Dark Side Of The Ring back in 2021 series focused on the infamous Plane Ride From Hell incident and it immediately brought the heat on Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer, and others. Things have calmed down since then but it seems Ric Flair is still never afraid of speaking his mind.

Speaking on the To Be The Man podcast, the 16-time World Champion opened up about his honest thoughts on Ricky Steamboat’s wife.

“I’ve buried the hatchet with Bonnie. She didn’t like me as a person for a lot of reasons, a lot of wives didn’t like me. I don’t know why but I think she also played upon his emotions and wanted, this is my thought process, as much attention as he was getting. It’s funny how Bonnie met Ricky. She was one of the models that I hired from Charlotte for that angle we shot when he first came, when we first started going to work with each other. They met that day and next thing I knew they were dating.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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