Rob Van Dam Returns To WWE, Calls Out ‘Ripoff’

Rob Van Dam will return to WWE and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, reports. RVD just poked fun at Matt Riddle for taking his gimmick in a tweet, as seen below. RVD recently dropped an AEW debut bombshell.



Mikey Gordon told Wrestling Inc’s podcast about RVD acting in A Pro ‘Rasslin Movie: The Legend Of Dirty Ron, “Rob Van Dam is the biggest star that we’ve got in this film so far,” Gordon noted. “The sixth person to ever be a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. Wrestling fans are very supportive of things inside the wrestling industry, and that’s where we really want to tap into because that’s who we are. We are pro wrestling fans. So when we sat down with Rob and talked to him about this, that’s what interests him, and you’ll see some videos come out in the next couple weeks, some candid interviews that we did. We wanted Rob to not be Rob. Every time, even in ECW, even in WWE and TNA, all the promotions, Rob Van Dam is Rob Van Dam, but here, he’s playing a character.

“He got into makeup everyday. He had so much fun on set. He stayed an extra day for us at no extra cost, and I don’t know if he wants me out there telling that story. I don’t know if anybody wants me telling this either but everybody is investing into this. I don’t think anybody’s being paid their normal rate. They’ve all compromised something to be a part of this because they believe it’s something special. That means a lot to me because they believe in it the same way I do, and it’s scary to ask people to believe in you when deep down, you don’t know if you believe in yourself.” You can listen on Wrestling Inc.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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