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Ronda Rousey responds to Sasha Banks throwing the 4 horsewomen sign on Raw

Ronda Rousey

Sasha Banks had won a match against Nia Jax to earn an opportunity to face Ronda Rousey, and it appeared that these two were going to have a friendly match at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV.

However, things changed on this week’s episode of Raw where Rousey teamed up with the Boss to face and defeat the team of Nia Jax and Tamina.

The winning duo were interviewed after the bout and it was during this segment where an awkward Ronda Rousey managed to piss off her opponent.

The whole thing ended with Banks promising to take the Women’s title off the former UFC Star at the upcoming show and if that wasn’t enough, the Boss decided to throw the four horsewomen sign at the Women’s Champion as she was heading to the locker room area:

While Ronda didn’t reply to that taunt immediately, she took on her Instagram to respond to it later on, and as seen in the post below, she asked Sasha why she bothered to throw that sign up when two of the WWE’s horsewomen aren’t even her friends:

We have heard the rumors of the company planning Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen feud time and again but so far there has been no solid development towards the same.

With all this foreshadowing from both the contenders, the big question here is if the company has hidden implications behind the booking of the upcoming bout and if the upcoming match could finally be the start of this feud?

  • CC

    The problem is though when they mix it up.

  • Kayfabe is dead, they took it out and shot it.

  • CC

    Another ridiculous tweet from Rousey. She goes on about them not really being friends (which is obviously done in kayfabe) but then puts in a hash tag obviously promoting herself as being part of the “real” four horsewomen, which currently makes no sense as all three of her “friends” are heels and are not even on the main roster. So are we supposed to ignore that she is basically saying despite being a huge babyface, she is happy to align herself with the three nastiest heels on NXT?
    She has to understand that if you are replying kayfabe, you stick with kayfabe as otherwise your point is totally nullified.