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Ronda Rousey to wrestle at upcoming Live Events

Ronda Rousey

While she is yet to have a second televised match since her debut at WrestleMania, WWE had recently announced that Ronda Rousey will be working on a number of Live Events.

The company had announced her for the following 4 Live Events which are part of their upcoming European Tour in the month of May:

Weds., May 16 – Geneva, Switzerland

Thurs., May 17 – Vienna, Austria

Fri., May 18 – Turin, Italy

Sat., May 19 – Paris, France

At that point, her opponent for the show was not specified but now PWinsider has revealed that Rousey will be facing Mickie James in at least one of the upcoming house shows in Paris.

While it may not be an indication of what the company is planning for Rousey’s on-screen future, it gives us an idea about her training for becoming a full-time professional wrestler.

Making her go against one of the most experienced female wrestlers on the roster is probably an indication that the former UFC Star is not yet ready to go on her own and compete in a wrestling match without supervision.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Ya she should be wrestling every week. Not sure why they waited so long for her to work shows.

  • CC

    You do realise that any match you put her is she will not be going on her own. Well unless she wrestles herself.
    Granted you do not want to put her up against someone as green as Nia Jax, but anyone who has the ability to get a less experienced talent over, will always be used.
    It is no different to putting someone in a match with Taker or Flair etc during their heyday, you just knew that what could be a stinker of a match would be avoided, and the less experienced wrestler will come out looking like a million dollars.

    Of course they want to help Rousey, what are you expecting?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That doesnt mean they don’t trust her lol. Just means they want to see her gain more exp by wrestling a veteran. And Mickie is like Ziggler, a good first feud.