Rudy Giuliani Going To Jail For Trump In Georgia?

Former federal prosecuted Harry Litman reckoned that Rudy Giuliani is headed for indictment.



Rudy Giuliani could be indicted

At the top of MSNBC’s Monday night edition of “All In,” stand-in host Mehdi Hasan recalled the recording that Americans heard of Donald Trump’s shakedown of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which he pressed to “find 11,870 votes.”

“If I had done that, if some random person off the street in Georgia had done that, we’d be in prison right now wouldn’t we?” asked Hasan.

Litman agreed, calling it “solicitation to commit election fraud, which is likely to be the main charge in any Georgia indictment.”

There was a question as to if a full grand jury investigation had already been impaneled, but a Los Angeles Times legal analyst on the MSNBC panel explained that he couldn’t find any evidence of it.

After this, Hasan asked about Giuliani, wanting to know if the man previously known as “America’s Mayor” should be “sleeping peacefully this week.”

“Who knows, but he’s gotten the target letter, and that means for the listeners out there, that [Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis] has decided he is in her sights. So, she intends to indict him,” said Litman. “But since he took the Fifth, I doubt it. I anticipate, and it’s a really good general point, it is not just Trump involved here. He did as much as suggested it was Trump because he once talked about people not before the grand jury. Seventeen target people, sort of all the president’s men and women. Giuliani really, really — he goes down to Georgia, tells all these fibs. I think he’s in a world of hurt and is likely to be indicted.”

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