TNA’s Biggest Name Ever Has Died Suddenly

Dutch Mantell has tweeted that TNA founder Jerry Jarrett has died at 80, “SAD NEWS: I’m hearing reports of my friend and long time booker/promoter Jerry Jarrett died this morning in TN. I last saw him last year when we did the VICE show THE TERRITORIES in Atlanta. Very creative booker. Condolences to Jeff/Deborah and the Jarrett family.”



A fan tweeted in response, “RIP Jerry Jarrett. I remember when people used to say “TNA is a blemish on his record.” But people who takes risks should be applauded. A genius in the profession. A man paid by the WWF and WCW to be a consultant. A man a judges word away from running the WWF in 1994. What a man.”

Jerry Jarrett was a legendary wrestling promoter in Tennessee, later co-founding TNA Wrestling with his son Jeff Jarrett in 2002, which went on to be the number two wrestling company in North America until SpikeTV canceled ‘Impact’ in 2014. Jerry quietly left TNA around 2005, a few years after selling majority interest to Panda Energy.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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