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Ryback defends Nia Jax through a scathing post on Twitter; gets involved in war of words with Bryan Alvarez


After the footage revealed Nia Jax throwing a straight punch at Becky Lynch during SmackDown Women’s division’s invasion on RAW, the former champion has been under severe criticism for her recklessness.

Jax has received support from Ryback who left a scathing post for Bryan Alvarez who claimed that Jax should be sent back to the development centre due to her repeated mistakes.

Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez pined his opinion on the footage where Jax busted Lynch right open. Alvarez elaborated:

“Well, there you go. That was not an inadvertent elbow. She punched her right in the face. I don’t want anyone to lose their job, but at the very least Nia needs to be sent back to developmental for a while. This isn’t the first, second or even third time this has happened.”

In a brutal reply, Ryback defended Nia Jax by insulting Alvarez, the former Intercontinental Champion certainly went all out to state:

“Shut the f*ck up. Who the hell are you to make a statement like that? You’re a f*cking mark and your sh*t opinion is the reason a lot of people spew hate onto wrestlers. You’re a p*ssy who can’t do it, so you criticize those who can. Mistakes happen, your parents understand that”

Check out the Tweets below:

The Big Guy did not end there as he continued his rant with yet another post which read:

“All wrestlers get this kind of hate. They can’t say anything most times and it’s understandable. I on the other hand do what I want when I want and answer to only me. It’s unacceptable to spew hate like that at professionals. Professionals whom have actually made it.”

Alvarez finally broke the silence in a reply to Ryback claiming that with years of experience, he is certainly qualified enough to chime in with his opinion.

“I started wrestling in the mid-90s. In over 1,000 matches with everyone from Buddy Wayne to Lance Storm to Rock & Roll Express and Los Villanos and Larry Sweeney and Jack Evans and everyone else, I never hurt anyone, ever. Pretty sure I’m qualified to give my opinion on working.”

Here are the Tweets:

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Hahahahaha that’s awesome!

  • CC

    Cena was a botch, no two ways about it. Sting admits that the move was his own fault. Instead of saying after the first buckle bomb he took the second one differently and that caused his issues.

    Balor also defended Rollins as well.
    Plus, the more time you spend in the ring the more times you risk botching a move. Rollins has probably done 4 times as many matches as Jax and has injured less people. Vega, Lynch, Bayley and Bliss have all been victims of her botches and Charlotte (twice) and Asuka were lucky they were not more seriously injured as well.

    There is a big difference between a move that Rollins does all the time going wrong ONCE, to someone out and out punching someone clean in the face so hard that not only does it bust that persons face up and cause a concussion, but also spilts her own bloody knuckle open.

  • oppa

    Seth Rollins ended Sting’s career, broke Cena’s nose and injured Finn Balor to cost him the first Unversal title in a move that required surgery. That’s a worse track record, yet he still trains people. Be careful as to what logic you use since according to what you said, Seth has no business in the ring either.

  • CC

    She also injured Alexa as well and nearly did the same to Charlotte twice and Asuka as well.

  • CC

    He is also a guy that if you say anything about him on Twitter, he gets so butt hurt that he blocks you.
    I posted to him once that he was talking out of his backside about something, and yup, he blocked me.
    The man is a giant child.

  • CC

    Surprise surprise, a sloppy worker who injures people defending a sloppy worker who injures people.

  • Brian

    Coming from a guy who was accused several times of injuring other wrestlers, Ryback needs to step back. Oh wait, he did.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Cryback being a jackass as usual

  • BB

    Of all people Ryback would defend her. He’s just as sloppy and stiff as Nia (probably why he’s defending her because he’s “been there and done that”). Not the person you want defending you on social media, haha.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Professional?! The OG post was very professional. In no way shape or form did he insult her lol. Ryback was the same way, that’s why hes trying to defend “her”.

  • Who knew Ryback was a chubby chaser?

  • Dirt McGirt

    Eff Ryback. Nia has injured Bayley, then Zelina, now Becky Lynch. This has led to two big matches on two big ppvs having to be changed. Nia has no business being in the ring.