Ryback Leaks Maryse Floatation Devices Photos

Ryback posted photos of Maryse backstage at WWE Raw, as seen below.



Hulk Hogan remains one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling, with his influence in the business never being understated. However, his troubled past concerning racism has ultimately led to his downfall. Hulk Hogan was booed at WrestleMania 37 when he was introduced with Titus O’Neil as the hosts of the pay-per-view, which all stemmed from him using racial slurs in a leaked 2015 sex tape. A WWE Hall Of Famer also attacked Hulk Hogan after WWE RAW botch. 

Legendary wrestler and commentator Dutch Mantell recently reminisced about his experience at the WWE WrestleMania 30 event, where he managed The Real Americans in a tag team match. He also remembered the iconic moment when Hulk Hogan, one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, suffered a slip of the tongue and referred to the venue as the Silverdome instead of the Caesars Superdome (then known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome) in New Orleans.

During a recent episode of A&E Biography: WWE Legends, Hulk Hogan opened up about his highly-publicized bout against Sting at WCW Starrcade 1997. Although WCW officials originally planned for Hogan to lose to the current AEW wrestler, the veteran wrestler decided to alter the outcome on the day of the event. This was possible due to Hogan’s contract containing a creative control clause that granted him the authority to make behind-the-scenes decisions.

Hogan described a conversation he had with Eric Bischoff, a former WCW executive, just before the match on the A&E program.

“I had a problem with it because if you’re gonna beat me when I’ve got this type of momentum, this is about making money. If you beat somebody, you beat them in a way that they’re better off after they’re beat than they were before, and Eric really wasn’t sure where we were going with this thing.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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