Samoa Joe’s first opponent on Raw revealed

We noted before how Samoa Joe was expected to make an appearance on this week’s episode of Raw confirming his move to the Red Branded Show.



While he couldn’t appear on the show due to a bad case of flu, it appears that WWE already has a rivalry planned for Joe when he finally makes it back to the WWE TV.

Dave Meltzer talked about Samoa Joe during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed that WWE is planning for him to have a rivalry with Braun Strowman in near future.

This report makes sense as Strowman attacked Joe during last week’s episode of SmackDown Live while promoting the Superstar Shakeup and that segment could be marked as the beginning of their rivalry.

It’s worth mentioning here that despite being a top star, Braun Strowman hasn’t won any singles title in WWE yet and the big question is if the United States Championship could be the first singles belt he holds in the company?

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