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Sasha Banks apparently told WWE she won’t be on RAW next week

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is a hot topic of discussion in the wrestling world for all the wrong reasons. She seems to have a lot of issues with WWE and even tried to quit at Wrestlemania.

Banks and Bayley also reportedly caused a scene at Wrestlemania. Brad Shepard reports that a source in the company told him that Banks told WWE she won’t be coming back next week.

According to a source in #WWE, Sasha Banks told someone in the company she would not be coming in next week, and they were unable to convince her otherwise at the time of the conversation. I‘ll have more on this story which hasn’t been reported on this coming week’s

The Superstar Shake-Up will be taking place next week, so her not being there won’t be the best thing. It seems the relationship between Banks and WWE is worsening.

We hope they are able to work out their differences and come to an agreement. In the meantime, Sasha Banks isn’t happy with WWE and that might not be changing anytime soon.

  • CC

    I always love these comments on here about how this talent or that talent should quit and go to AEW like it is an easy thing to do to get out of a WWE contract.
    Some like Tye Dillinger who WWE see no value in at all they might let go (hell, even AEW see no value in him straight away as Cody said he needs to go elsewhere to build his name before they sign him), but anyone who they think might have a chance of helping a promotion like AEW get over, they will play hard ball with for sure.

  • CC

    The Brock situation is a long time ago and it was not as cut and dried as you are making it out. He had a very long term deal with WWE and when he asked for his release it was not just a simple “there you go, you are out”. He was not allowed to wrestle in the USA for what would have been the duration of his WWE contract, hence when he did return to wrestling it was in Japan.

    WWE did not want him turning up on TNA or RoH for instance, so he put a block on it. Today though he puts a 100% block on talent if he feels the need to do so, and Neville was made an example of to show other talent what can happen if they try to pull a stunt like that.

    How you can honestly compare something from 15 years or so ago is beyond me though. If you think a WWE contract now looks anything like it did back in 2004, you are delusional. As soon as something like what happened with Brock happens, contracts get changed to make sure WWE has the strongest position and the talent is screwed royally if they try anything.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    She never said she wasn’t going to be on Smackdown now did she it just Raw.

  • Rinn13

    Except they didn’t do it to Brock. Even though they wasted massive time and money on building him up to be the new GUY, because Vince has a man-crush on huge muscle men, when he wanted to leave, they let him leave. They didn’t hold him hostage like they did Neville. And in less than a year’s time, after failing to even make the Viking’s NFL practice squad, he was wrestling in Japan. THEN he moved on to MMA.

    And mind you, Brock was making enough money in the short time he was in WWE (early 2002 to early 2004), that he had bought his own private jet, because he didn’t like flying with the boys in normal planes.

  • gar216

    You brought up 2 entirely different points. Yes Neville quit and they made him sit out, they still had to pay him for doing so. He made the choice to sit out, their leverage was scaring him with being out of public eye for too long. This happens in the entertainment world all the time. It happens in the business world too. Neville knew what he was getting into when he signed his deal. They did it to Brock in 04. (Maybe 03).

    As far as Ambrose, you are 100% right. Like a professional, he fulfilled his commitments and is leaving free and clear on good terms.

  • Solid

    Exactly, and knowing how childish WWE can be (amplified more so as she’s the more childish one in this case) if she does want out, no one will be seeing her on any TV/promotion for quite a long time. (contract length depending)

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if WWE made the announcement she was traded in the “shake up” to Smackdown or even back down to NXT regardless of if she decides to come back, just to “demote” her on TV since they’re seen as the “lesser” brands.

  • CC

    You do realise thats not how it works in WWE?
    Remember when a certain Neville “quit”? How did that work out for him exactly? Spent nearly a year sitting on the sidelines because WWE refused to let him out of contract.

    Yeah he is doing OK now, but isn’t it better to just do like Dean Ambrose has possibly done. Do as you are told, carry on working and earning money, then when their contract is up … bye bye!
    Nothing WWE or Vince can do then.

  • oppa

    Umm… she did quit. They won’t accept it and thought that if she took the rest of the week off, which she was already scheduled to have off, that she’d feel better and come back this week. So she’s telling them she isn’t coming back this week. Ball is in their court now since she won’t come back under the conditions of how things were being done.

  • ROB-1.

    If people do not like their job, quit!