Sasha Banks WWE Crown Jewel Bombshell Leaks

Sasha Banks has teased a WWE return ahead of Crown Jewel, as seen below.



Sasha Banks and Naomi were the Women’s Tag Team Champions when they walked out on WWE during an episode of Raw. Many fans believed that this was not a work, but it seems like it may have been all along as they may be set to come back fairly soon to the company, with a new report surfacing ahead of WWE Crown Jewel.

The duo of Sasha and Naomi have since thrived in a major way. Not only have the two done a great job of staying in the public eye, but they’ve also done things such as fashion shows as well, which has gotten them a lot of great attention outside of the wrestling world.

In fact, Sasha Banks and Naomi are advertised for the upcoming Vulture Festival on Saturday, November 12th. Sadly, the duo will no longer be appearing at the event due to an “unforeseen scheduling conflict.”

The cancelation email read: “Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, Mercedes Varnado and Trinity Fatu are no longer able to participate in their event on Saturday, November 12th at 8pm. We will go ahead and refund your purchase automatically, and please respond to this email if you prefer to exchange for another Vulture Festival ticket. We appreciate your understanding.”

Now, this above statement comes amid rumors of their return to WWE. Banks has been teasing her in-ring return for quite some time now. She was recently spotted hanging out with the WWE crew during their Mexico live event.

As of reports, WWE creative isn’t talking about Sasha Banks’ return to the company. It remains to be seen if Triple H is interested in bringing Boss & Glow to WWE once again. While there is no official word, there should be one fairly soon if they will be making a move to bring the two back to WWE programming in order to set things off.

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