Sean Hannity Gets Trump To Admit To Crime

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that he expects to be arrested in connection with the investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney soon. He went on to call for protests as New York law enforcement prepares for a possible indictment. A photo of Donald Trump’s plane taking off to fly to New York for his arrest was also leaked.



The controversy sparked around the hush money payment that Cohen admitted that he made to Stormy Daniels during the fall of Trump’s 2016 White House bid to keep her from coming forward about an alleged affair she had with the then-candidate. Trump has denied the affair. Previously, TMZ reported that Daniels was experiencing the impact of Trump’s potential impending arrest and reportedly strengthening her security after receiving multiple threats.

Now, Trump said in an interview that aired Monday that he was transparent with the FBI about his handling of classified documents and pointed fingers at President Joe Biden, who he said had classified documents in boxes “stored in Chinatown.”

The Fox News host Sean Hannity said on Monday that he could not imagine Donald Trump taking sensitive documents with him upon leaving the White House. But in a telling interview, Trump quickly corrected him and said that he had the right to “take stuff” as he saw fit.

“I can’t imagine you ever saying, um, ‘Bring me some of the boxes that we brought back from the White House, I’d like to look at them,'” Hannity told Trump during the interview that aired Monday night. “Did you ever do that?”

“I would have the right to do that, there’s nothing wrong with it,” Trump claimed.

“I know you,” Hannity cut in. “I don’t think you would do it.”

Trump replied that he doesn’t “have a lot of time,” but “I would have the right to do that.”

“I would do that,” the former president added.

According to the Justice Department, Trump did exactly that, and refused to return the records for months after leaving the White House.

In the end, the FBI was forced to execute a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida to recover the documents, some of which bore the highest classified markings. Trump’s retention of the records is now at the center of a federal criminal investigation into his handling of national security information.

After Trump said during his Monday interview that he would take documents from the White House, Hannity, who has long been one of the former president’s closest confidants, attempted to cut him off.

“Let me move on,” Hannity said. But Trump had a few other points he wanted to make.

He falsely claimed that the Presidential Records Act gives him “the right to take stuff” and “the right to look at stuff.”

“But they have the right to talk, and we have the right to talk,” Trump added. “This would have all been worked out. All of a sudden, they raided Mar-a-Lago — viciously raided Mar-a-Lago.”

The former president went on to claim that he has some “tapes” in his possession that the feds don’t want him to show the public, including one of the FBI executing its warrant.

“I’ll take that tape, and I’ll air that tape,” Hannity said.

“I know you would,” Trump replied. “Everybody would take that tape.”

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