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A former WWE backstage interviewer Charly Caruso (now Charly Arnolt) was spotted with Sean Hannity in an Instagram post where Hannity dropped picture with Charly.



Arnolt recently left ESPN after five years to join a growing Fox-owned “cutting-edge” sports and pop culture platform. Charly Arnolt (formerly WWE’s Charly Caruso) joined ESPN in 2018, appearing on SportsCenter and hosting the SportsCenter show on Snapchat before moving on to host First Take and making regular appearances on SportsNation.

She would continue to work for WWE, having started as a ring announcer for WWE NXT in 2016 and hosting pre-show panels, along with being a backstage interviewer, until she left in 2021.

In a press release sent to PW Insider, it was revealed that Arnolt was leaving ESPN to join OutKick, a “cutting-edge national multimedia platform” focusing on “sports news, sports culture and pop culture.”

Meanwhile, Charly Arnolt recently told “Hannity” about her experience at the company and said she was not “allowed” to express her opinion on issues that have surfaced in the sports arena.

“I was at ESPN for nearly five years leading up to this point. And just in the past few years, we have noticed some serious issues taking center stage,” she explained.

Arnolt expressed how she had wanted to share her opinion about several issues impacting the sports world, specifically stating her views on the involvement of transgender women competing in biological women’s sports.

However, the former ESPN reporter explained that her opinions on these matters were not “necessarily welcome” with her former employer.

“There were so many opinions I wanted to share about these issues because I’ve always been a super opinionated person. But not only was my opinion not necessarily welcome, it wasn’t allowed – the stance that I wanted to take,” she said.

“You know, when you look at certain issues that very blatantly go against what ESPN stands for, its very liberal policies, such as the trans athlete issue we just talked about last month during Women’s Month aired a one-minute tribute to Lia Thomas, which was very baffling for me,” said Arnolt, discussing how she knew that the company had expressed a “strong stance” on not adding politics into their programming.