Sean Waltman compares Brock Lesnar’s MITB win to ruining the Mona Lisa

Brock Lesnar’s return at Money in the Bank was surprising, to say the least. After a grueling seven-man ladder match for the MITB briefcase, the Beast Incarnate shocked the world, rushing the ring at the end of the match and claiming the contract for himself.



A divisive move that left some fans frustrated and others genuinely excited about the surprise, there’s also been a rumor surrounding the match in regards to who actually knew about the ending. Reportedly, only one of the competitors in the match knew how it would end.

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman recently tackled this rumor on X-Pac 12 360, as well as Double or Nothing and remembering Owen Hart twenty years after his passing.

I wouldn’t blame anyone in that match for being pissed off. That they had no idea, if that’s true. You put this match together and  you’re out there risking your neck, you’re doing all this shit, you got this finish you think is [gonna happen].

Trust me, when you’re a wrestler and you do this, when you’re a pro wrestler and you’re in a match, this is like your canvas that you are painting your masterpiece on. You’re trying for a Mona Lisa… and you’re just about to finish and all of a sudden you have no idea and this guy comes out and just paints a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

Mustafa Ali vented his frustration about the event in a tweet last week, which was retweeted by Randy Orton.

Whether or not the rest of the MITB competitors knew, the move itself left them and their peers quite frustrated.

How did you feel about Brock Lesnar walking away with the MITB briefcase? Did you consider it a great surprise, or did you feel that it undermined all the work the other competitors put in? Let us know in the comments below. 

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