Sharon Osbourne & WWE Star Backstage Rumor Leaks

After WWE’s “Ruthless Aggression” era fizzled out, Vince McMahon tried a number of approaches to lure viewers back to the product. Whether it was the anonymous General Manager or the infamous Million Dollar Mania or guest star celebrities . showing up on “Raw” week. This was not received well.



The celebrity appearances allowed famed rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne appeared on RAW.

Throughout the night, the couple would encounter a number of WWE stars like The Miz, DX, and Chris Masters, now known outside of WWE as Chris Adonis. Masters was part of a “Raw’s Got Talent” segment where he showed off his ability to bounce his pectoral muscles to “Crazy Train,” one of Osbourne’s signature songs.

“Sharon, I remember she really loved it; she was very entertained by it,” Masters told NBC Sports Boston’s “Ten Count.” “And even Ozzy was, I imagine that if they were in the rehearsal like, you know, they might have already gotten a taste of it, but we didn’t. We did walk through the blocking of it, I think … But Sharon was very fond of that whole pectoral dance, yeah.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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