Sharon Stone Reveals Truth About Ben Affleck & J-Lo

The resurgence of Bennifer has ignited a frenzy of emotions among fans and celebrities alike. Sharon Stone, known for her striking candor, couldn’t help but take notice of the resurfaced photos of Lopez and Affleck together. Her response has caused a stir on social media, further fueling the buzz surrounding their passionate reunion.



As reported by Fandom Wire, Once upon a time, this couple was a constant presence in the headlines, their highly publicized engagement in 2002 capturing the world’s attention. However, their relationship took a different turn when they called off their wedding just days before the scheduled date in January 2004.

In the years that followed, both Affleck and Lopez embarked on separate paths. Affleck married and later divorced Jennifer Garner, while Lopez announced her separation from former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The question on everyone’s mind was, “What happened, A-Rod?” But with new photos circulating of the two stars seemingly holding hands, rumors of a reunion and the resurrection of the iconic “Bennifer” nickname gained momentum.

However, not everyone shares the same sense of excitement amidst the whirlwind of emotions surrounding their reunion. One notable dissenter is acclaimed actress Sharon Stone, who didn’t hesitate to express her disapproval of Affleck’s decision to revisit his past with JLo following his breakup with Ana de Armas.

Affleck’s recent romantic history with Ana de Armas, an affair that unfolded before the public eye, left an odd mark as one of Hollywood’s notable love stories. The couple shared the screen in the 2020 psychological thriller Deep Water, and their joint trip to Cuba in March 2020 sparked dating rumors. Their public displays of affection conveyed a profound connection and apparent love for one another.

However, as time went on, cracks in their relationship began to surface, leading to rumors of their separation. While a source confirmed the end of their romance, de Armas shared her perspective in a candid interview, expressing the suffocating nature of their relationship and her need for escape from the constant pressure.

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