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The Kliq was one of the influential backstage group that included top names like Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash. Nash recently discussed The Kliq’s relationship with WWE higher-ups and how it first stood up to management and HBK seemingly had a dispute with Vince McMahon back in the day.



Kevin Nash talks about the incident

Back then, a company-wide rule prohibited certain stars from riding with one another so as not to break kayfabe. It has been noted that the heels and babyfaces weren’t allowed to travel together. However, The Kliq always rode together regardless of their alignment. When Vince McMahon told Shawn Michaels not to travel with the rest of the group, he received huge backlash from the star.

On the first episode of his new podcast on AdFreeShows titled Kliq This, Nash recounted the group’s interactions with McMahon and them always traveling together. He also spoke about the time when The Heartbreak Kid was asked not to ride with The Kliq:

“Oh yeah [in response to him Shawn and Razor travelling together despite being in an angle]. There was [a moratorium on babyfaces and heels travelling together] but Shawn Michaels basically got called into the office and they told Shawn that he couldn’t ride and he said motherf******, if I’m gonna be on the road for 320 days a year don’t tell me who the f*** I’m going to spend my time with. It was addressed [to Vince]. I wasn’t there for the meeting. It was between Vince and Shawn but [he was representing us].”

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