Shawn Michaels Working on a TV Show, JR Injured on RAW?

– Shawn Michaels, who visited friends at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, was in Kansas City this week to work with business partners on a new project. HBK indicated last night that he was working on something for TV. He wrote:



“Fixin to hunker down w/my biz partners & pull a full blown work/brainstorming session. I luv these. Used 2 do the same w/matches. I enjoy the brainstorming sessions but man does my head hurt…& we’re not done. Thank goodness 4 a little break in the action. Finally done & goin 2 bed. Don’t let anyone tell u creating TV is easy. I’ve been in easier street fights. I shoulda studied more.”

– The Wrestling Observer reports that Jim Ross may have been injured at Monday’s RAW when Jack Swagger got a little too excited doing the ankle lock. In what could just be Ross keeping with the storylines, he wrote the following on his blog Wednesday morning:

“With the insistence of my bride, I will make a doctor’s visit today to have him check out my ankle and knee as a result of the activities of Monday Night Raw. I expect everything to be fine. I’m sore, which should come as no surprise, but soreness is temporary. For the record, Jack Swagger is a pure beast and Michael Cole is 100% tool.”

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