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SmackDown faction unhappy with their position?


We have heard reports of a number of WWE Stars being unhappy with their position in the company in recent times, and now two more stars have joined this list.

One of the members of SmackDown faction Sanity, Killian Dain recently made a tweet asking where is Sanity, referring to their absence from WWE Programming:

His tweet was seen by teammate and fellow SmackDown Star Alexander Wolfe, and he replied with a tweet of his own saying that he is ‘sick of this’:

Sanity has only been used sparingly since their main roster debut, and they last appeared on WWE TV during the December 18th episode of SmackDown Live.

In the current environment it’s possible that this might be a work and WWE might be trying to reintroduce Sanity using these tweets as seeds for a storyline, so we’ll have to see where it goes.

  • Rinn13

    That’s the thing about NXT. WWE fans want them to sign literally every notable and significant international and indie star to NXT, with the idea being that WWE will eventually call them up to the main roster. But the thing is: For what? This isn’t WWE from 10-15 years ago, who used to purge their roster of people they weren’t really using regularly. This is the WWE who keeps guys under contract, even if they barely ever use them at all, even on something as meaningless as Superstars. Just ask guys like Zack Ryder or Curtis Axel.

    In THAT WWE, what is the point of signing new wrestlers to NXT then? What is the point of calling up new wrestlers like these guys from NXT to the main roster? Most of them don’t get used, and it isn’t as if, at least for the last few years, WWE even cuts that many people anymore. So they have a bloated roster all around, with MOST people not getting used all that much, or for anything that meaningful. Just bodies to fill rosters and keep them from going elsewhere. It’s really pointless.

  • EVH

    Nothing new. Vince ruining another excellent NXT act on the main roster.

  • James123

    They need to get out while the goings good and go to AEW.

  • jedi

    They should have come in & ran the division!