Snoop Dogg Caught Lying About Biggie Smalls

In the years since the Biggie Smalls’ death in 1997, popular rapper Snoop Dogg has spoken about his admiration for the Brooklyn icon on a number of occasions. Dogg‘s account of how close he was with Biggie Smalls has been called into question by Diddy‘s former bodyguard, Gene Deal.



Snoop Dogg has been accused of lying

In a new interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Deal openly questioned why it appeared as though Snoop’s reportedly tight relationships with Biggie and 2Pac weren’t obvious to the public prior to either rapper’s death.

“That’s something that sounds good for the media,” he said of the West Coast legend’s past accounts of his friendship with the two rivals. “You know, ‘I’m the peacemaker. I’m the one that’s showing love. I’m the one that’s out here when everybody else is dead, wishing that I coulda did something to put the shit together.

“It wasn’t all that love until ‘Pac was dead,” Deal continued. “Wasn’t Big out in California three, four weeks and Snoop never saw him? Snoop never came and smoked nothing wit’ him. Snoop never came and ate nothing with him. But it was a lot of love? Come on, man.”

During one interview with the Rap Radar Podcast in 2018, Tha Doggfather even recounted a moment they shared after 2Pac’s death, during which Biggie revealed how much he was impacted by his former friend’s death.

The conversation took place after a shooting incident at Tha Dogg Pound’s video for “NY, NY,” which was filmed in Brooklyn. Snoop recounted that, while they felt Biggie was responsible for the incident, he and his crew never took action, due to the existing East Coast vs. West Coast tensions.

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