Snoop Dogg Sounded Terrible At Show In Australia

Popular rap artist Snoop Dogg’s promoter for West Auckland show is seemingly baffled by the complaints about the sound quality at the gig, saying he did not notice any problems, or receive any complaints.



Snoop Dogg’s promoter opens up on the matter

Toby Burrows from Trademark Live – who promoted the Gin and Juice star’s I Wanna Thank Me New Zealand tour – told Stuff the gig’s “audio suppliers are amongst the most experienced operators in New Zealand, and their equipment is of the highest quality.”

So when Stuff published comments on Sunday from punters who complained about “absolutely horrific” sound, Burrows said the feedback had him stumped.

He added that the lack of noise restrictions around Trusts Stadium meant they “were able to push the sound up to the full level that’s expected at large outdoor concerts.

“I’m the first to admit when things don’t go right,” he said, but said he had been promoting gigs for 20 years and had, “never had as much positive feedback” as he did for Saturday’s gig.

“That’s why we’re a bit defensive about it,” he said.

In a story published by Stuff on Sunday, readers complained about the sound quality at the gig, with one claiming, “despite being directly in front of speakers, we couldn’t hear a single word coming out of the microphone”.

The comments about the poor sound quality were a response to Stuff’s review of the gig which praised the rapper’s performance but made mention of the lackluster crowd.

But when asked if the sound could have had dead spots at any areas within the venue, Burrows said he did not believe so.

“Not if they’re in the main area of the event,” he said. Although he did guess those complaining may have been in the top area “at the bar”, he still thinks it would not have been a major issue.

“That’s what’s so weird about it,” he said.

“It shouldn’t be any different … It’s a real weird one.”

This marked his first event at Trusts Outdoors, he said the venue would not have “caused” bad sound. As an outdoor field, the quality relied on the external speaker and sound set-up, which he maintains were of high quality.

Mike Ocego, Trusts Arena CEO, said for outdoor gigs at the stadium, the production and sound was entirely in the hands of the promoters and production team, and the venue was not involved in the sound set-up.

But he said when he walked the venue on Saturday night, “the sound was good”.

“I always walk all of the areas, and I had no problem with the sound from the back or even to be honest from upstairs… I had no problem with it.”

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