*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – July 16th

– Thanks to Cliff for the following SmackDown spoilers, to air this Friday:



* Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes fought to a no contest. Kane came out and chokeslammed them both. Kane cut a promo on Jack Swagger.

* Rey Mysterio cut a promo and said he can’t compete so he will forfeit the World Title. Rey then said he was kidding and his ankle brace will help him.

* Drew McIntyre defeated Christian.

* A promo for Alberto Del Rio airs.

* CM Punk comes out for a promo. Big Show comes down with two ladders. A promo here between Punk and Show. Show does some comedy with the ladders. He has officials bring out his custom made ladders and they’re huge to hold up his weight. The Straight Edge Society attack Show. Show gets up and cleans house. Show ends up taking Punk’s mask off and showing his bald head. Good segment.

* Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters defeated Layla and Trent Baretta.

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Matt Hardy with Vickie’s help.

* A limo arrives backstage and Jack Swagger is handed an envelope that he gives to production officials. Swagger goes to the ring and introduces his dad. Kane comes out and goes for a chokeslam but Swagger hits him and puts on the ankle lock. Mysterio comes out and hits 619 on Swagger. Kane chokeslams Swagger’s dad while Swagger looks on from ringside. Kane ends the show with a tombstone for Swagger’s dad.

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