Steve Austin reveals why NXT is better than the rest of WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin has always been an observant critic ever since his departure from in-ring wrestling and has often been quoted with suggestions and opinions to make the current product better. The Hall Of Famer discussed the topic of NXT being better than the other shows in length with Sean Waltman on the latest episode of the Steve Austin Show.



While Waltman claimed that NXT is at the top because it doesn’t cater everyone, unlike RAW and SmackDown. The Texas Rattlesnake felt the same and added that NXT is a throwback to the classic pro-wrestling and added that the storylines in the main roster tend to get quite complicated. Austin said:

“The thing I like about the NXT thing is it’s almost like [Waltman] said, the main roster is almost trying to cover or cater to everybody. And to me, the NXT thing is more… they are both under the same umbrella, it’s WWE, it’s sports entertainment. It ain’t pro wrestling anymore. Now, it’s sports entertainment officially, but in my mind, it’s still pro wrestling. And to me, NXT, yeah, it’s kind of like a throwback. And it’s all modern stuff, great lighting, great production values, everything else, but the storylines are very easy to understand and very simple. And, I mean, the announcers aren’t trying to go overboard trying to explain whatever’s going on.” Austin added, “sometimes when I watch the main roster stuff, it’s like they’re trying to play to so many people that the storylines get kind of convoluted.”

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