Steve Austin vs. Goldberg Bombshell Revealed

Steve Austin is rumored to possibly do more WWE return matches after Kevin Owens at WrestleMania, and Andrew Zarian speculated about Goldberg and Brock Lesnar as opponents on We’re Live Pal on



“And the other thing is, I don’t think this is a one-off. If they do, again, my speculation based on what was said. I wouldn’t imagine that this would be it if he is having a match, right? If he’s actually going to have a match and it’s not just him coming out and stunning Kevin Owens and getting a one-two-three and making a three-second bit, which is very possible they do could that.

“They could announce it and something could happen. I would think, you know, you convince this man that you’ve been trying to convince for 17 years, to come back. You finally now have convinced him, you’re gonna only do one? I think Saudi Arabia had offered him, like, it was like a three million dollar a match offer, right?

“Now is the time. For Austin vs Goldberg, let us suffer through this, okay? I’m okay with this. I’m fine. I don’t even want the match to be good. I don’t want it to be anything. I have 0 expectations. If Dave gives it a DUD, I’m still happy because it finally happened. I don’t think it would be a negative, I think just the sheer excitement, you know, from people would be enough. Now the big story is how can Austin bump? Does he want to? Who’s going to protect him?

“I mean, if he’s brawling then great, I think he’ll do a great job. Him and Goldberg could do a quick five to seven-minute thing and you got it out of the way and now you have that footage forever. You know, you could sell the commemorative ring mats and sell a square off that ring mat for $300, you know? You’re gonna see that happen.”

“I would imagine if they do, if he does do something with Kevin Owens, this would not be a one-off,” Zarian stated. “They would want to capitalize on a larger thing. But he did do that interview where WWE, I think it was for one of the social channels and they’re like ‘give me your top three opponents.’ What did he say? He said Brock Lesnar, right? He said Brock Lesnar, who else did he say, I forgot. He definitely said Lesnar. But yeah, that’s another match, you know? And they’re kind of friendly. You could build a program on his podcast. Something happens and now he and Lesnar are in a feud.

“This is very different for WWE. I know for years we were told that the older guys are old and that’s it, and they’re done. But now they’ve gotten into this thing where they embrace the older talent because they haven’t created the stars that they should’ve over the last 15 years. And these guys have tremendous pull. And now look at the WrestleMania lineup. Now, if Austin’s in a match, I’m considering going now. And I had no consideration. So now you added Ronda to this. If you add Austin to this, very, it becomes a very different story. And then next year, you do Dwayne.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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