Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his favorite WrestleMania entrance

During the recent episode of his podcast the Steve Austin Show, WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed his favorite WrestleMania entrance and also told a story about a gift he gave to Triple H.



Austin recalled the time Lemmy performed the Game’s entrance during WrestleMania 17 and revealed that to him, it’s the greatest entrance ever:

“And Lemmy performed Triple H’s song at WrestleMania 17, and still, to me, that’s the greatest entrance. Watching them play that song, listening to them play that song, [imitating Lemmy] ‘we’re Motorhead – we’re going to kick your ass’. Then, they play for about a minute and then [Triple H] comes out and I’ll never forget it. I still watch it every now and then on the [WWE] Network to this day.”

Triple H had recently shared pictures of a photo frame Steve Austin gifted him while he visited Raw for the Madison Square Garden episode earlier this month.

Talking about the frame, the Texas Rattlesnake revealed that he had it for a year before gifting it to the former WWE Champion and finally gave it to him at the MSG special.

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