The Daily Spartan (001) – Reader’s Choice: Two Faced Review of Current Champions

Hey, sup?  Oh, did you notice; yeah I’m doing dailies again.  Like it?  Don’t like it?  Eh, izz whateva.  Anyways, today’s the unveiling of the second ever Reader’s Choice.  A Reader’s Choice that has been up for almost a month now.  Much apologies on that, as a lot of shit has happened, and caused such a long delay, but enough of that, let’s create a little bit of magic, shall we?

Results for Reader’s Choice

Two Faced Review of Current Champions        90 votes        22.9%
What If…                                                                         88 votes        22.39%
Santino Marella [The Turn]                                     88 votes        22.39%
Spartacus Reviews: WrestleMania 2000            72 votes        18.32%
Top Ten Championship Reigns                               55 votes        13.99%



You people certainly spoke, and spoke loud.  It was interesting to watch this whole thing play out.  It started off with Two Faced Review killing the competition getting an early lengthy lead.  Shortly after this What If came storming through and took the lead.  Then it was basically a back and forth battle between them two.  Around this time, last place The Turn started to build a bit of momentum, and came shooting up towards the top.  The Turn was tied for the lead numerous times, but never could get ahead.  And the final three days it was a back and forth battle between the three aforementioned, until finally at the deadline, Two Faced won it.  Oh well, it was a great battle.  Might I add that I will only be reviewing WWE titles here, although, if I there is enough interest, I will go ahead and do one over TNA in the coming weeks to.  So, without further ado, lets do some Two Faced Reviewing, baby!

WWE Champion Sheamus

Ever since Sheamus put Triple H out of action; he’s been on fucking fire!  Not only has he re-gained the WWE Championship, but he’s also gained me as a huge fan.  Nothing, can seemingly up-root this dude.  Unless, that is the Viper strikes!  What really needs to happen is for Wade Barrett to dethrone the mighty champion, with the help of a heel Cena, at Night of Champions.  Just in time to set up some epic altercations for Bragging Rights.
The Worst: Randy Orton @ SummerSlam
The Best:  Wade Barrett @ Night of Champions

World Heavyweight Champion Kane
Kane is another monster that has been on a tear since his brother’s ‘passing’.  He’s giving some of his best work, of an already stellar plate, currently.  Not much could really de-rail this, that is, could.  If Vince goes ahead with his plans of having Kane be revealed as Taker’s attacker, it will ONLY spell of a bad ending for Kane.  But, say they go in a different direction, a more.. american.. direction, then I must say that might have a winning formula.
The Worst: Rey Mysterio @ SummerSlam; Undertaker @ Night of Champions
The Best:  Jack Swagger @ Survivor Series

United States Champion The Miz
The next six or so months is going to be one big hit n’ miss session for Mizter Money in the Bank.  On one hand he has the chance to make history by becoming the first ever United States, AND WWE Champion, at the same time.  On the other hand, Vince will probably de-throne him, in order to get him prepped for his World Title run.  I, personally, would rather see him make history, and follow that up with creating his very own HollyHood stable.  Alex Riley, come on down!
The Worst: R-Truth in the coming weeks
The Best:  Hands down to Alex Riley upon winning WWE Championship

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston
I really like Kofi as Intercontinental Champion.  I firmly believe that he needs to take the Randy Orton route and hold onto the belt for a good ten months.  It would not only add some much needed credibility to the belt, but it would also put Kingston right there in the World Title race upon finally losing it.  The only thing is, though, that Vince is making the decisions, not me.  That being said, it would NOT surprise me one bit if Dolph Ziggler won the strap in the near-to-distant future.  That is the WORST possible scenario that could play out.  It would potentially kill Ziggler in is tracks.  Balls in your court Vince.
The Worst: Dolph Ziggler @ anytime
The Best:  after WM27

Unified Tag Team Champion Hart Dynasty

The Tag Team division had so much promise not two months ago.  Yet, here we are, and it’s about dead.  When ShoMiz were champs, they kept the division alive by showing up on Smackdown, and mixing shit up, but since the Harts have won it, it has been 100% exclusive to Raw.  Which is a damn shame because Smackdown has plenty more teams ready to step in the ring with DH Smith, and Tyson Kidd.  Tito Colon, and Incognito getting called up and getting in the mix could add a different light to the division.  Otherwise I fear a couple of talented, yet comedic acts may be next in line.  Damn shame to.
The Worst: Kozlov & Regal anytime
The Best:  Uso’s @ SummerSlam

Woman’s Champion Layla
What I’ve never got, is that with the Woman’s division at such a low in talent: Why in the fuck is there two Woman’s titles?  Just plain and simple stupid.  Especially when the challenger to one is a hot ass broad, with next to no in ring talent.  The bitch has sucked her way to the top (not just sucking cock; sucking at everything, except being fucking hot).  Well, I shouldn’t say that.  She’s sucked her way to the top, while being extremely lucky.  I don’t know when Beth Phoenix is set for return, but that is the only way the Smackdown Woman’s division can be re-deemed.
The Worst: Kelly Kelly @ anytime
The Best:  Beth Phoenix @ WrestleMania 27

Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox

The Raw side of things are in a bit better shape, though.  Alicia Fox is a pretty decent talent, if I don’t say so myself.  The problem is she’s got a talent less opponent in Eve Torres.  Fuck, Eve couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with her dropkicks if she was standing right in front of one.  The other problem is that talent rich Gail Kim, and Maryse are stuck baffling around instead of being rightful contenders.  Again don’t get me wrong, Maryse is doing great in her role as Ted’s slut, but when the Diva’s division needs her most, she’s out getting her sexual fix.  Melina, you couldn’t return any quicker, babe.
The Worst: Eve Torres @ anytime
The Best:  Melina @ Night of Champions

Well guys, I guess that spells the end of the second ever Reader’s Choice.  You know what that means don’tcha?  Yup, another round of voting!!!  So, here she be:

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Also, if any of you fine folks want to send any feedback my way, whether it’s congratulating me on returning to dailies, or telling me that I’m stupid for thinking any of the above opinion, then send it to the following address: [email protected].  Without you people I am nothing!

Oh, and I plan on doing another Mailbag edition in the near future.  So, please send any and all questions my way guys.  Whether there wrestling related, personal life, NFL, school, anything boys, and girls.

Guess that does ‘er!  Until tomorrow, it’s your favorite spartan, Spartacus, going off to swim!  Peace, and much love peeps!

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