The Rock Breaks Down Crying With WWE Star

WWE veteran Harvey Wippleman and The Rock go a long way back, as the latter was sent to live with the former by his father, Rocky Johnson when he was just 14. Harvey Wippleman has also worked as a consultant on “Young Rock,” a sitcom that documents the early days of Dwayne Johnson’s life. He recently revealed how an expected call made him emotional.



The Rock called Harvey Wippleman

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s One on One, Wippleman recalled the unexpected call he received from Johnson. He disclosed that he was overjoyed to reconnect with The Brahma Bull, who presented him with the idea for “Young Rock,” which had been in development for a while.

“I was like, ‘Who is it?’ This is a voice from the past, and I didn’t recognize at it first. I said, ‘Okay, who’s this?’ And he goes, ‘You remember Dwayne (The Rock), and I said, ‘Oh my god, Dwayne,’ and then we got talking. He said, ‘We are gonna do a show called Young Rock about my childhood, my upbringing, and rise up in the business, in Hollywood, and I said, ‘fantastic.'”

Wippleman then added that his name kept coming up when the writers tried to delve into The Rock’s life, prompting the latter to call him up. He revealed that he and The Great One had a long chat, by the end of which both were in tears.

“And he said, ‘As me and the writers and producers were going over the scripts, your name kept coming up. Where did you live when you were young? With Bruno. Who got you your first car? Bruno. Whom did you travel with? Bruno. Who used to referee your matches? Bruno. He was like, ‘I got gotta call my mother and get number. We had a long talk, and by the time we hung up, we both were in tears, no joke. We go long way back, you, 40 years!” said Harvey Wippleman.

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