The Rock Exploded After Trump Official Said…

It has come to light that Donald Trump’s Republican consultant Roger Stone got the stuntman for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fired “on the spot” several years ago after suggesting that the actor and professional wrestling star could use Stone’s political advice via Newsweek.



It is noted that Johnson’s political views have recently been in the headlines due to his announcement during a Fox News interview that he would not be endorsing President Joe Biden in this year’s presidential election, which he did in 2020, for concerns after causing “division.”

Stone, who is a longtime associate of former President Donald Trump, said during a Friday interview with Info Wars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that Johnson was “not a conservative” while recalling being brutally rejected by the star after having a close encounter with his stunt double at a gym.

“Many years ago I worked out in a gym and I met a guy who worked out there regularly, and he was a stunt double for The Rock,” said Stone. “He was a conservative, we got to be a little friendly. He told me that The Rock had aspirations to run for political office … He said, ‘would you like to talk to him?'” Stone continued. “I said, ‘sure, I’d love to talk to him.'”

“This guy went to The Rock,” he continued. “He said, you know, ‘Roger Stone works out at my gym, we’ve become friendly, he’s got a lot of political experience, I know you’ve got political aspirations—do you want to meet him?’ The Rock fired this guy on the spot. Fired him like that. So, The Rock is not a conservative … He’s not one of us.”

Jones then revealed that Stone had told him the story “in private” and blasted Johnson as a “disgusting person” for firing his stunt double and rejecting the Republican consultant.

“What a disgusting person,” Jones said. “You have your stunt double for many years, supposedly your friend. And, oh my God, Roger Stone is so bad that [because] you would even mention that to me, you’re fired.”

“Yeah, it was pretty incredible,” Stone replied, before going on to mention unprompted that the late O.J. Simpson previously “talked a lot of c***” about him but that he “prays for him and the people I believe he killed.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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